5 tips for a good mood

5 tips how to get in a good mood while wasting your time at the train

1. Listen to music

I got this tip from a friend who has a stressful and boring job as well. „What can I do for a good mood? I don’t want to be depressive or sad when I come home after commuting 1,5hours one way…“, I asked and his tip was that he listens to music. It’s not really the music he really loves all day, it’s his good-mood-music. This music is funny, shiny, happy, reminds him of his teenage-days or brings a smile on his lips another way.
I am following a spotify list for this moments and it just does its job very well.

2. Plan the rest of your day

You might have To-Do-Lists at work and if you are connected with your office-software you can create your next-day-To-Do-List in the train. So you are still working at the train but you can go earlier than sitting at your desk. The other method is to create your private To-Do-list for your hobbies, your friends, family or even your next shopping tour.

3. Make plans

Thinking bigger than just planing the rest of the day is to plan the next holidays or your next day-trip to a place you want to visit. If you have mobile data connection at the train you can do researches and type it down in Trello maybe.

4. Write

If you feel like having not enough time for your hobbies, just take them with you everywhere you go and use every free minute. If you maybe love to write emails to your friends, just use your phone or notebook or tablet to write them down so you can quickly send them at home even if you have no mobile data connection on the way home.
You even could spend your time to work on a book project or to write down following blogposts if you are a blogger.
I use Evernote as my digital notebook and I have it on the phone, on the tablet and even as software on my computer. If I have some thoughts somewhere else, I can use the browser to write down some quick notes because Evernote is everytime updated and online available. For my iPad Air I have this cover-keyboard which is perfect for writing at the train. I really love it and use it every day!

5. Watch movies

Depending on how long you are traveling from work to home and depending on the devices you have, you can load movies maybe on your tablet and watch them with headphones at the train. If you have a 90 minutes long way too, you might watch full films or just some series.

Do you have more tips for the daily travelers how to increase the happiness after a long day at work? Write them down in the comments and share this article with the world!


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