Coordination Dilemma

Coordination Dilemma

You’ll never know if it goes right and if you know, you’ll discover that you were wrong. So, you’ll be back at the point one: You’ll never know if it goes right.

To coordinate people and contractors seems so easy but it is not. Really. Best example: We wanted to concrete a beam but the engineers told us (the steelworker and me) that it’s not neccessary to controle it because it will be too expensive if they come and have a look for every single step of this building site.

The day before they wanted to concrete, no engineer was reachable but in the morning they arrived at the building site and were confused that there was a huge machine with concrete, ready to start. So it was a 5 minutes controle and everyone was happy but a little confused.

There are pros and contras of having a cellphone for work because with this you are reachable every time and you have no free time a day. If you have to check your phone every hour or check your mails, you never can really chill out and you are like a real 100%-work-slave. But this times, when the coordination doesn’t work because the others do not have the chance to reach you at the evening, you might wish that everyone has your cellphone number.

Coordination Dilemma

For this I got me a job-cellphone with prepaid and an easy number which I can give everyone and if I am on the holidays I turn it off. And unfortunately I’ll turn it of when I have privat meetings and so on, so sometimes when I check my phone I have 2-5 messages or missed calls and then it is maybe 10pm and too late to do a call back.

Another dangerous possibility is to check your work-mails at home. It is similar to the chellphone-thing… you stay in contact and you are up to date but if the other people are used to get responses immediately, they will think it is normal and the chaos will beginn if you do not check your mails one evenening. Maybe. Or no one will recognize it.

Like written in the 4-hours-work-week it is quite relaxing to minimize the time you controle your mailbox. For me it seems not possible to check the mails just on mondays but to check them only 2 times a day is okay. So you can stop wasting your time by being interrupted from a lot of spam mails. And the message of this inspiring book is right. If someone wants an immediate response he or she can give us a call.

Do you have a private and a work phone?

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