Friday Questions

Inspired by Social Media Weeks article this week, here are our answers to the #FridayQuestions this week.

01. What was the most enjoyable work activity of the week?

Vectorizing the packaging design for a new brand was an easy but most fun work this week. The design was already finished by the company designer but they had trouble to get it into Illustrator (software from Adobe to create vector graphics). To help them with practicing a software I use very rarely was like killing two birds with one stone.

02. How many enjoyable work moments did you have?

Beside the little job with the packaging there was the freelancing work on this blog and doing a lot freelancing research I love most. So there were some moments I really enjoyed.

03. How many frustrating or boring moments did you have?

A usual week in the office is full of frustrating and boring moments. Unfortunately. Checking bills is not the most enjoyable work I can think of.

04. How would you describe your impact on others you work with, your customers, or those whom you come into contact with this week?

For the little company with the packaging problem I think I was a big help and that feels quite good even this work was just volunteering.

05. Is this the type of impact you want?

I like it to help and to solve little problems, so yes, I think I like this type of impact.

06. If not, what prompted this change in desired impact?

07. Were you challenged this week?

I felt quite good and save with the things I did. So, no, I was not challenged.

08. Were you bored?

Even when I sit sick at home and have to stay in bed I have enough to do to read all the books I love to read and that are still waiting in my kindle or on the shelves. There were some moments I was unmotivated after hours of reading but this was okay.

09. What were your biggest and most exciting challenges this past week?

10. How confident did you feel this week?

While sitting sick at home…?

11. Did you have any negative mental chatter about yourself?


12. Are you practicing actively believing that you can achieve whatever it is you have set your sights on?


13. Are you committed to having joy and groundbreaking results at work?


14. What distractions came up this week that prevented you from getting the most out of your job?

I was ill but I think for the things I can do while I stay in the flat I did quite well with improving myself.

15. How can you avoid that going forward?

Recover and get better.

What are your answers to this 15 #FridayQuestions? How was your week and what could be better next week?

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