How to get your coffe in a no-kitchen-Office

For most it won’t be a problem to get the daily dose of coffee by working in an architecture office but there are some poor souls (like me) working in an office which boss doesn’t like coffee and even has no kitchen in the office.
So I will show you some tiny possibilities to get your coffe. They will not give you a high end coffee but they will feed you the necessary quantity of caffeine.

What problems you will have to fix first?

Ask your chef if he is okay with involving a coffee machine into your office. If you are a coffee addict and he isn’t the most intolerant boss I have ever heard about then he will be okay with it because he wants his employees to be awake and happy at the working space. Getting the (non alcoholic) drink of your choice will increase your well being and your work will be better because you feel more comfortable. Sounds easy, huh?

How to get the water to your desk?

Use a machine with it’s own water container and which produce single portions instead if big cans.
If you are maybe the only one drinking coffee or if you are just a few employes it could be unnecessary or useless to have a big and expensive coffee machine. If you want to have change in your drinking routine (sound a bit strange, I know) then I would prefer a non-economic capsule machine. Personally I do not even like the procedure of buying expensive capsules and throwing them away in a huge amount but if you calculate 3-8€ for a good and tasty coffee or latte in a café or ‚to go‘ and compare it with maybe 30-50€-ct. for a solide black coffee or latte from your capsule machine then you can easily see that you will have maybe 3-7 ways to your preferred café (if you have some close to your office, if your office is in the nowhere you’ll have a problem with his tasty but expensive solution) with 5-10 minutes each way and a lot of money to save.

What about the different machines?

Using a capsule machine instead of a fully automated coffee machine will give you the possibility to change every cup from tea to chai latte to black coffee to milk-coffee to latte or to others. One other thing I really love especially the colder days is: hot chocolate.

Using a pad machine is quite easy too but if you do not want to let your coffee pad in your machine till it is dry you will have some coffee splatters on your desk. But if you are a clumsy person like I am sometimes you will have this tasty coffee dirt even though.

Coffee pads are a bit cheaper and do not need this much place in your drawer. Capsules are resistant against humidity and your office is save from the omnipresent smell of coffee.

What do I use?

At the office I use the smallest version from Tassimo and I am still trying to find my perfect coffee. They have so much variations of coffee and (more important while doing without chocolate and sweets at work) hot chocolate. „Omnomnom“.
My Tassimo has its place in the shelving right beside me and there it fits perfectly.

I linked you my most favorite machines and coffees in the text so you can easily check them out.

Do you work in a coffee-addict-office or are you the only one? And what coffee-machine do you have?

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