How to save a crappy kitchen

With some simple tools and a little fantasy you might find a way to renovate a kitchen on very low budged. If you only think that all the changes have to be cosmetical because the furniture still works, than with some paint and patience you can reach a lot.

We moved into a very old house with an old and crappy kitchen and after some weeks we didn’t fell ‚at home‘ at home so the first step was that we only wanted to put the things in order. I created a little spice rag out of old glasses. After that I had some paint over and I painted some of the furniture white. The effect was huge and so it became an idea of renovating the whole kitchen. After 3 doors where white and looked clean the difference to the old and dark blue walls was so big that we painted the walls white and talked to the flatmates what colour they would like instead. There was a big discussion about green, light blue, red and terracotta and in the end it went yellow. One of the mates had no wish, the other one hated yellow and two liked yellow so we bought yellow wall paint. While we were talking about wall paint and painting the furniture, we decided that the countertop which was a patchwork of two crappy ones, has to become a new one.

Fortunately our property market had some countertops at the length we needed for sale and so the decission was made. For only round about 40€ we had a new countertop with walnut appearance.

Once we started we can’t stop it

After most of the furniture was painted white it looked too clean and boring to us, even with the yellow walls. ‚What can we do?‘.

The doors have some easy ornaments left and right which made some nice shadow-work at the cupboard so why not increase this effect? With some asphalt-grey paint I moved the edges and the knobs into structuring elements.
Another plus for this is that the knobs will not look dirty too fast now. White knobs are always a problem, a much bigger problem than white cupboards because these you can clean easily.

Just some more little changes

After the left wall was painted and the furniture was white we looked at the right wall which was in the same ugly dark blue too and there was just one view in eachothers eyes to know that this wall had to get a light paint too.
So it got white and the inner parts of the window area got fresh yellow parts.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Cleaning up, and now?

After cleaning up the mess we made there was another part which got our attention. The table looked terrible now. Further it was an uggly advertising board with four legs. ‚Have we still some paint?‘ ‚Yes we have.‘ …  So it’s clear what I did? The table became white and the edges are asphalt-grey now.

It’s magic, isn’t it?

The big effect of painting the table was that it fits now into the rest of the kitchen and gives it a more planed look. It is not longer a collection of sheep stuff, it is a kitchen in the same colours and which could get easily a new touch by painting the wall in another colour. To take colours of the white-grey-black-scale makes it easy to change all with changing just a little part. You do not need new accesoires, you just need a bit of wall-paint and maybe some new pictures at the wall.

The costs

Yellow Paint
Grey Paint
White Paint

Total: [/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last]24,99€
ca 6,00€

ca 98,00€[/ut_one_half_last]

It growed and growed and growed and still grows

With starting to build a new spice rag it got more and more and the ideas jumped into our minds. With every change of our viewpoint we found more things we could (and should) change. Living in a shared flat means too often that nobody feels responsible for the shared rooms. The own room seems most of the time clean and nice (not always of course) but the shared rooms like bathroom, living room (if you have one) and kitchen are most of the time messed up a bit. I feel more responsible for the shared rooms, I don’t know why. It is more fun to build something in a room that everyone uses than to build something that is only for me. – Maybe because I am an architect. I do things for the others. This is my job and maybe my vocation.

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