I am a Tedd Mosby, but female.

The question an architect gets everywhere and everytime from all the younger people he/she meets is „oh, architecture… so you become a (female) Tedd Mosby?“. Oh well, you might smile, but I got this question so ofthen that I started to hate it while talking about what I study.
I think the most readers will know who Tedd Mosby is, but in fact you don’t know:

Tedd Mosby is not a great architect who builds skyscrapers in NYC or in London. Tedd Mosby is an immaginary figure of the TV series ‚How I met your mother‚ and no, before I studied architecture and was asked many times the same question, I didn’t know Tedd Mosby.
In this series you do not even learn much about Tedd’s life as an architect. His job is only a side aspect of this series and if you are an architecture student and if you are watching this series (and I would wonder how you can have enough time to watch it) then you might wish to have such a great social life like him.
But the reason why I write this post here for you is to let you know who is blogging on ‚architect gone astray‘.
Like Tedd I am a 27year old architect who just finished education at the university and lives together in a shared flat with flatmates. I am living in Germany and I want to blog here because as a student I was desperately looking for a blog from an architect or an architecture student to see how his life is. There are many blogs from lawyers or beauty queens but as an architect you feel quite alone on the web.
So, here you will find entries which are kinda diary of a young architect and show you the thoughts and some problems which we have to solve.
I will write about interesting architecture I found and will find while traveling through germany and other places because: architects love to travel and they might have a different view on cities like tourist-travelers or backpackers.
I will also talk about little daily challenges in the studio and anecdotes from being a student.  If you wanna follow this blog you will get some views into the thoughts of a young architect and I will answer some questions I get often. Beside the question, if I am a female Tedd Mosby.
One fact that differs me from ‚the other‘ architects is that I want to work with old houses. Not only because I am fascinated from old houses but because I think we have to protect them and the spirit of the old architects. I do not like glass as a wall-material. I like wood and stone and bricks and I would love if more people would do the same but most architects I know from university want to be cool and modern and so they jump into the stream and plan with steel and glass and talk bad about old buildings. To look for the history every old house can tell us is such a great experience for me and having a look on an old and ‚ugly‘ house is like turning on the cinema in your mind. There pop up questions like ‚who lived here 200 years ago and what problems did they have then?‘ or ‚who was the owner of this house and was it easy for him to pay all the rents?‘.
If you have the chance to get old plans and old letters, risk it and have a look. There are reasons for all the changes they made.
It is a way to respect the work of former architects.
What’s about you? Are you an architecture student or an architect? Are you interested in architecture? What are you doing and what want you to read about here?
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Diplomierte Herzblut-Architektin, die auf Abwegen dennoch weiterhin ihrer Passion nachkommt. Hier wird von den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten berichtet, die man neben dem 0815-Architektenjob haben kann.

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