longish walk on the Rhine

You can have a nice longish walk with the feeling of the baltic sea, if you go on a nice ‘warm’ january day to the rhine in Germany. Starting in ‘Eltville am Rhein’ turning to west you can get the real feeling of baltic sea, if it is a bit windy, like last weekend, as we were there. You can pass the “Mariannenaue” and walk at least 6 kilometers in one direction passing ‘Hattenheim’ following the Street B 42, which is all the time near or far on the right hand.

Most time you will not see the road but some times you are walking directly beside so you can really smell the cars because your walking level is lower than the car levels with the result that your head and the car-exhausts are on the same high. Well, yummy. If we forget this fact, the walk is nice to do it once or twice but because you are just going between street and river, you have no other chances. You can’t take another way so when you walked it once, you know it. No adventures, nothing new the second time. Just walk. Straight on. And walk the same way straight on back.

A lot people just walk to have the feeling of walking, but for me, walking has to be a bigger reason. To see something, to go from one point to another. One reason I could find is a little cafe in which you can get some tishes and cake and coffe. But walk 6-12 kilometers for a little dirty dive bar? Ok, if you say this bar has german charme, then you might like it, but I like bars, who look a little different. But going back to the topic. Going straight one way and going this way back is lost time in my opinion. The Rhine can be as beautiful as you want, but for me it’s kinda sad.

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