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I remember an evening I was sitting with my friend A in the attic of a friends house talking about future, money, dreams, reading… It was in march 2014, not so long ago, but after my last blogpost here. So much changed and a lot of dreams turned into another.

Wow. Time is running.

The one thing we talked about was the job and how to get to the job. This time my idea was to move back to my hometown where a lot of my friends are waiting for me to come back. But they still have to wait because life changes every single day and offers new chances.
One chance was a job that was not that bad payed like the job I wanted to join this time in Berlin, my hometown. So I got a lot of new plans, had to look for a new flat … but all of these are other stories and some reasons why it was so quiet here.

To come to the point of this blogpost: READING.
We talked about reading. And I told my friend A that I wanted to get a kindle. And some weeks later Amazon had an offer with 30% less for some older kindles. And becuase I just wanted to use it to read some books, I thought: Okay, give it a chance.

I got my little Kindle Paperwhite and never thought that I would use it this often. Because of changing my job situation I have to sit up to 3 hours a day in the train. Not every day I start the day with reading in the train. If I am tired, then I just sit there and stare out of the window. But at least 3 days a week I grab my kindle and read. Some novels here, some good other books there and some times just a PDF a friend gave me.

The fact is, that every time I forget my kindle, I feel like forgetting my mobile phone or something other important. I feel kinda device-naked. My kindle is much more a ‚daily friend‘ than every single book ever was because with this I have a lot of books with me. I do not have to decide what book I might want to read during the day when I just woke up and pack my bag in the morning.

Reading something is a good ritual in the morning before starting the day. In this article by money.usnews there are some tips for being more productive and one of this tips is a morning ritual. I would prefer to have the ritual ‚reading at the breakfast table‘ but because I can’t overcome the need to sleep 30 minutes longer, I have the ritual ‚reading in the train‘. And sometimes ‚eating a sandwich and reading in the train‘ with some other commuters.  It feels better having community-breakfast, even if it is just in the train with strangers. Sometimes they nod and spend a tortured smile, then we know, we are in good company.

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Diplomierte Herzblut-Architektin, die auf Abwegen dennoch weiterhin ihrer Passion nachkommt. Hier wird von den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten berichtet, die man neben dem 0815-Architektenjob haben kann.

3 thoughts on “reading a lot

  1. Reading is a big part of my work as a professional storyteller – and I love it! A lot of my research is in english and before I used the kindle I ordered frequently books in english speaking countries. Sometimes it took months for the delivery and the time, when I needed the book, was already over. With ebooks its very practical, you get them in an instant. So I read mostly english books in my kindle.
    I am curious about the development of your blog, will stop by from time to time. Cheers, Uschi

    • Hey Uschi,
      wow, storyteller seems to be a dream-job for me. I am sure you really love it.
      I am always sad if a book is not available as ebook! It is so easy to mark something in an ebook and find it very easy later again.
      Thank you for stepping by from time to time :) I am looking forward to your next comment!
      Cheers Julia

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