Series on Architect Gone Astray

Some constant flow on a blog seems to be great to get an evaluation of changes and to reflect back from time to time what’s going on.

Friday Questions

The #FridayQuestions will be 15 questions inspired by Laura Garnett (on about work, challenges and impacts. With that you should reflect your week. The #FridayQuestions will not come every friday, but from time to time and they will get their own category to find them easy again.


Here you can find from time to time helpful posts from linklists to little advices that might turn your life a little easier.

young architects life

Quite easy like the name this will be kind of a blog-area in which thoughts about the life of an architect will be posted out of the view of young architects. Maybe they will talk about how all is different than they thought and maybe they will just write down their thoughts and the daily routine or problems they have to fix.

What series would you like on this blog or what frequently questions do you have? Write it down below in the comments!

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Diplomierte Herzblut-Architektin, die auf Abwegen dennoch weiterhin ihrer Passion nachkommt. Hier wird von den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten berichtet, die man neben dem 0815-Architektenjob haben kann.

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