surfers paradise isle of Ruegen

As an side trip to another topic, far away from architecture but leading to another topic you might be surprised about this blog entry. To be honest to you, it is not my favorite holiday to spend my time at a beach.

I am the city-tour-type-of-traveler and I love city-trips much more than seaside-holidays, even if I am damn exhausted at the end.

But this one time I did a seaside holiday and beside of exercising my photography and video ‚skills‘ after I neglected my camera too long, I persuade myself that this was kinda education leave…!

Beside showing you the windsurfer paradise isle of Ruegen at Germanys baltic sea, I will teaser you with this one shot one of our next entries here in which you will get some photos of a huge abandoned area at Ruegen.

abandoned architecture Bug Ruegen

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Diplomierte Herzblut-Architektin, die auf Abwegen dennoch weiterhin ihrer Passion nachkommt. Hier wird von den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten berichtet, die man neben dem 0815-Architektenjob haben kann.

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